3D Camera Controls

Cotangent supports multiple sets of interactive camera controls.

Standard / Simple


Maya Style



[1]: Print Workspace
[2]: Repair Workspace

[a]: Accept/Apply current Tool
[c]: Center view on point under cursor
[d]: Duplicate Selected Objects
[e]: Run Mesh Editor Tool
[f]: Toggle between World and Object Frames, when transform gizmo active
[h]: run Fill Holes Tool
[i]: Run Autorepair Tool
[n]: Center (selected) objects on print bed
[u]: Set Units/Size
[v]: Hide Selected
[Shift + v]: Show All
[w]: Toggle Wireframe
 Toggle Y-up/Z-up

[Up/Down Arrow]: next/previous layer (when GCode generated)  ((Hold Shift to jump by 10))

[Escape]: cancel current tool or clear current selection
[Delete]: delete selected objects

[Ctrl+Z]: Undo
[Ctrl+Y]: Redo
[Ctrl+Q]: Quit Cotangent