Cotangent is developed by Gradientspace Corp, a 3D software product studio located in Toronto, Canada. Click here to find out about other Gradientspace projects. 

Gradientspace is funded by savings and (eventually) profits. We have not taken any seed rounds. We are not trying to become a Unicorn. We make small-batch artisanal farm-to-table software. When you pay for Cotangent, you're not paying for a VC's next Ferrari. You're paying for mortgages and groceries and kids' shoes (why do they go through so many shoes!?!). 

We appreciate your business and want to hear your feedback. And not just in that superficial please-chat-with-our-voice-activated-help-robot way. If you have comments or complaints, we want to hear it. Please get in touch via email or on Twitter @gradientspace.


Ryan Schmidt


Ryan Schmidt is the founder of Gradientspace Corp. Prior to starting Gradientspace, he was the head of Autodesk's Design and Fabrication Research Group. Ryan was also the primary developer of Autodesk Meshmixer from 2009 (when he started Meshmixer during his PhD research) to 2016 (when he rode off into the sunset). During those 7 years Meshmixer was downloaded over a million times and became one of the standard tools in the 3D printing toolbox.

Now he's building Cotangent.

Ryan is also an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Toronto.