mesh repair FEATURES


Automatically repair common mesh problems like cracks, non-manifold areas, holes, and degenerate geometry. Autorepair will avoid making changes to your input triangles unless absolutely necessary. The result is a set of closed solids that are printable with our slicer. Autorepair can handle 93% of the non-solid models in the Thingi10k dataset of 10,000 Thingiverse models (don't worry, we're tracking down those last few...)


Make Closed

Convert any mesh into a closed, non-self-intersecting printable solid. Based on state-of-the-art research, Make Closed can handle a huge range of problems, from disconnected sets of adjacent mesh patches, to partial scans with triangle-soup borders.


Fill Holes

Cotangent provides a variety of hole-filling algorithms, from smooth fills that interpolate boundary tangents, to minimal-triangulation fills that in many cases will automatically recover sharp edges.



Cotangent's remesher can turn just about any patch of garbage triangles into a regular isotropic mesh. Robust curve constraints allow open boundaries and sharp edges to be automatically preserved. 



Huge triangle counts make everything take longer, from mesh cleanup to slicing. Even worse, overly-dense meshes can result in reduced print quality with many slicers (not ours...). Simplify to the rescue!


Plane Cut

Cut off undesirable bits, or keep both sides if you just want to split your mesh into parts that fit in your printer. 


Remove Hidden Faces

Ever tried to delete the interior of a hollowed object, or get rid of "scan junk" that is hidden below the surface? This tool will take care of it!


Separate & Combine

Splitting a multi-component STL into parts for selective printing or layout is a standard feature of most printing tools. But Cotangent can do it while also automatically doing 3D sorting to properly handle interior cavities.


Fix Normals / Repair Orientation

Inconsistent surface normals break many tools, and cleaning them up by hand can be a lot of work. Cotangent's Fix Normals tool makes short work of these situations. 


weld edges

Although it might look like you have a closed solid mesh, there may in fact be cracks between the patches. Some CAD tools even do this on purpose! Weld Edges before you try to run other algorithms on these meshes.


map to target

Reproject is an advanced mesh processing tool you can use with Make Closed or Remesh, to improve approximation quality and recover sharp edges. 


Mesh Editor

Need to delete a few faces that are throwing off a smooth fill, or flip that one edge that is ruining a sharp feature curve? The Mesh Editor has your back, with a set of low-level tools to make quick mesh tweaks.


Multithreaded and Multicore

The mesh processing tools in Cotangent always run in background threads, so the UI doesn't hang, and you can always click Cancel. We've also optimized many of the algorithms to take full advantage of multi-core machines.