Supported Printers

There are an enormous number of 3D printers out there, and as a small company we simply can't buy one of everything! However, if your printer accepts GCode files, we think we should be able to make it work. So, if you have an unsupported printer, and you're willing to do some experimental prints, contact us and send us sample GCode for a few simple objects (cube, cylinder, etc). 

Similarly, if you get one of Cotangent's existing printing profiles to work with your printer, please let us know so we  can add it to the verified list.

Verified Working

These are printers we have either printed to with Cotangent ourselves, or that other users have reported working. Similar-model printers from the same manufacturer will frequently also work. 


Should Work


Machines that are likely to work based on similarity to working printers. For these printers you should start with the most-similar print settings you can find, and then modify them to be suitable for your particular machine. In particular the Bed Dimensions and Nozzle Size/Temperature should be verified. If you are experimenting with a currently-unsupported printer, we strongly suggest that you monitor prints for the first few layers!

  • Makerbot Replicator, Cupcake
  • Any RepRap machine (start with generic RepRap profile)
  • Printrbots (start with Metal Plus profile)


Won't Work Yet

These are printers that we're sure won't work yet because we don't have access to a machine and so haven't done the necessary GCode customization. We will do this if you help us with testing and sample GCode!

  • Ultimaker 1/2/3 - we need testers!


Can't Work?

If your printer doesn't support an open file format (ie does not take .gcode or .x3g files), we can't generate print files without help from the printer manufacturer. Unfortunately many printer companies prefer to keep their file formats proprietary and/or want us to pay them for access. 

  • Stratasys professional and prosumer FDM printers.