Download Cotangent 1.0.4 BETA

Your browser may warn you that the Cotangent installer is "not commonly downloaded", and Windows may warn you about installing software downloaded from the internet. There is nothing we can do about these warnings, they should stop appearing in a few months. The installer and app are both cryptographically signed and Windows will report GradientSpace Corp as a Verified Publisher (See Installation section below).
System Requirements: Windows 7 or later (10 recommended), NVidia/AMD GPU, 8GB RAM, 75MB disk space. And as many cores as you can spare...
Trying to run in Parallels or another Virtual Machine? Click here for some tips.

If your browser refuses to download the installer executable, you can try this link to a zipped copy.


Because Cotangent was just released, Microsoft's "SmartScreen Defender" feels compelled to try to prevent you from installing it, despite the fact that the installer and app are both cryptographically signed with Microsoft's tools. Windows will report Gradientspace Corp as a Verified Publisher once you make it past this blue pop-up. Follow the instructions below:




What's New in 1.0.5 beta?

  • Separated Shell and Hollow into separate Tools
  • new Hollow Tool optionally generates 3D infill pattern
  • Added Precise mode to Solidify Tool (slower but better detail preservation)
  • Improved support for European number formatting (still not 100% unfortunately)


Release History

Version 1.0.4

  • VoxBlend and VoxWrap operations are significantly faster
  • Morphology and Hollow also faster
  • Small components now automatically removed by voxel tools, and smallness threshold added as parameter
  • z hotkey to toggle Y/Z up changed to shift+z
  • Added Graphics Quality options in Settings dialog
  • Slicer-Generated Support is now clipped to print bed
  • startup cylinder automatically removed if a mesh is imported
  • Interior Cavity visualization is now disabled on startup
  • improved memory usage and preview update time in most Tools

Version 1.0.3

  • New Model workspace, a place for tools that are more about making new shapes than repairing existing ones

  • new VoxBoolean tool for doing Union, Difference, and Intersection of meshes via voxelization

  • new VoxBlend tool for blending mesh surfaces

  • New VoxWrap tool for generating a surface that fills in small holes and gaps

  • new Morphology tool for doing 3D topological operations: Expand, Contract, Open = Contract + Expand, Close = Expand + Contract

  • Performance improvements for scrubbing through toolpath curves

  • Generated toolpaths are now clipped to print bed (thanks Magweb)

  • Improvements to slicer-level generated support structures (fewer tiny bits)

  • Add Hole tool now supports non-through-holes in Cut Mesh mode

  • new preferences for configuring Import Assistant, startup workspace

  • Set safer defaults in many tools and improve handling of scaling

Version 1.0.2

  • new Shell/Hollow Tool  (quick demo video here)

  • new Add Hole Tool - create escape holes, connector pin holes, etc

  • new Reverse Side option in Plane Cut tool

  • left-mouse-only camera controls via shift/ctrl

  • can now press-and-hold on slice up/down buttons, hold shift to jump by 10

  • printing preset for Prusa i3 MK3 (thanks Nick!)

  • print preset for Flashforge Creator Pro (single material, right extruder only for now).

  • Fan Speed print setting (thanks Matt!)

  • Auto-leveling toggle in print settings list (when printer profile supports it)

  • Perspective/Orthographic camera toggle in Settings

  • resolve some z-clipping and pan/zoom speed issues for large models (thanks Brent!)

version 1.0.1

  • improvements to Plane Cut, Solidify, Autorepair

  • Support for start layer count/height (like "first layer" but for N layers)  (thanks Matt!)

  • improved error feedback in slicing and tools

  • simplified Solidify tool panel, added toggle to turn on Advanced mode options (thanks Dizingof!)

  • Improved behavior of Crop Objects (thanks MagWeb!)

  • Improved current-slice in-scene gizmo, no longer requires selection (thanks Matt!)

  • fixed refresh issues with mesh boundary curves

  • fixed bug in slicer support generation

  • support for tabbing in tool property panels

  • new hotkeys: R to remesh, Shift+R to simplify

version 1.0

  • First Release! Everything is new