cotangent roadmap

In nearly a decade building mesh repair and printing tools, we've heard from a lot of users with a lot of problems, and we've run into a few ourselves. We're building Cotangent because we want to solve these problems. But, we can only work on so many things at a time. So, this Roadmap should give you a sense of what we've got cooking for future updates. If you have thoughts, drop us a line.

Just to be clear: this list is completely speculative. Gradientspace Corp does not in any way guarantee that any of the features listed below will be implemented at any point. We'd love to do all of them, but sadly time is finite!

In no particular order:


  • Vertical Clearance/Offset. Currently Clearance and Offset are only applied in the XZ plane.

  • Graded Infill. Vary infill density to locally manipulate part strength and flexibility.

  • Preset Assignment. Assign print presets to layer ranges, parts, or spatial regions.
  • GCode Verifier. Check generated (or imported?) GCode for issues that might cause print failures.

  • Orientation Optimization. Automatically find good print orientations based on part geometry.

  • Print Packing/Nesting. Algorithmically organize objects on the print bed for optimal print time.

  • Preset Archive. Save presets for future use.

  • Cloud Presets. Store your print settings in the cloud, for easy sharing and transfer between computers. 

mesh repair

  • Healing Stamp. Quickly repair regions with a brushing interface.


  • Draw Primitives. Quickly create parametric geometric primitives.
  • Dynamic Holes and Struts. Add hole and structs objects that can be repositioned.
  • Grid Cuts. Split large objects into smaller parts using a grid of planes, like @tblatt does.
  • Decomposer. Split objects to fit them in the print volume, reduce support, or speed up printing.
  • Hollow Tool. Add hollows with a given wall thickness, and escape holes.
  • Shell Tool. Thicken sheets into shells.
  • Letters Tool. Add labels or names to your print, embossed or imprinted.
  • Trim Tool. Crop unwanted regions of a mesh using a curve or surface.